Ribu Jim

Senior Partner

Ribu heads the Market Research and Due Diligence for Adroit Consultants. She is a results-oriented
market research analyst. She packs a wealth of experience conducting, analyzing, and interpreting
customer, competitor, and market intelligence across the market spectrum on customer
segmentations and product categories. Her high quality, cutting-edge research and understanding of
complex customer profiles have helped Adroit Consultants to secure a contract with Sohar
Freezone Authority, Oman, to conduct due diligence as their new potential clients. As an IT
specialist, she possesses extensive project and people management skills, having designed,
developed, and implemented 360-degree evaluation techniques and applications for prestigious
clients like ICICI, OneSource, Accenture, and WeP Peripherals, to name a few.

She is currently based out of Dubai. She holds a Masters’s degree in Computer Applications.